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The Corwin Project company is engaged in making comprehensive projects of kitchen furniture, fitted wardrobes in recess, closets and other furniture for living rooms and shops.

The design process which is about shaping space using solids and textures starts from the learning of customer preferences, creating a functional concept, then presenting it in a three-dimensional environment and making a specification containing all necessary data to accomplish the project.

Spatial planning in the form of 3D design is a very important step, because it allows our customers to bring the vision of the most efficient utilization of the space. It also allows to plan where plumbing and electricity should be placed. It can also help illustrate how the interior will look like in the future and enable to price the project in companies involved in the production of furniture.

We have 10 years of experience on furniture design. We offer professional advice on the selection of materials and accessory equipment.

In order to provide the best service we also cooperate with tested and reliable carpenter companies that make furniture according to our projects.

Photos of furniture made on the basis of our projects can be found in the section /Gallery/ (Galeria).

The company Corwin Projekt is also an author of libraries of furniture for PRO100 software, which improve the work of other designers and carpenters.

We invite you to cooperate with us.


Our offer is addressed to designers and carpenter companies that carry out their projects in the PRO100 software to help accelerate and facilitate their work in the program.

Corwin library is a collection of models of furniture, their components and other additives to facilitate creating professional designs of furniture and interior spaces.

This is undoubtedly the largest base of this type of elements designed to PRO100 software which is characterized by excellent performance and an enormous amount and variety of items.

A major advantage of libraries is well-thought construction in terms of design, grouping components and motor. This facilitates and accelerates making projects and makes it possible to show customer how mechanisms contained in furniture work (such as drawers, cargo baskets and other items of equipment).

Corwin libraries contain elements that you will not find in the original PRO100 library. They were made to enrich content of program.

The library is made for professional designers as well as people freshly starting work in this program. Corwin libraries are a complete and indispensable tool in creating interior spaces.

CREATOR OF FURNITURE, contained in the library, allows you to build any piece of furniture from the basis, and in the report you can receive the necessary details of its construction.

CREATOR OF INTERIOR containing the walls and construction elements lets you create the space, where you can put any furniture later.

Below you will find an exact description of the contents of libraries.

Specification of the Corwin libraries:

Corwin libraries are located in transparent catalogues.

All of the elements in the library are built according to the art of carpentry with correct measurements.

In the program reports we receive information about the number and size of forms, veneering of edges, usage of material and accessories placed in furniture.

Made with great care and the finest details of elements furniture will satisfy even the most demanding designers.

The amount of solids contained in the libraries allows you to perform several design options without the need to intervene in the construction of solids. Because of their full and complex construction you can just place the furniture in the project plan what saves a lot of time.

All moving parts such as drawers, cargobaskets, equipment of cabinets and closets, waste bins and cornercomfort baskets after a single ungrouping can be opened to present to customer how they work.

Changing the size of the solids is done simply by stretching or entering the desired measures in the window.

Ready solids can be used to further edition, so that you can create entirely new components which expand and fit your base to your needs.

1. KITCHEN FURNITURE module (over 690 items)

  • bottom cabinets
  • wall cabinets
  • cargo baskets (mini, midi, maxi + other configurations in the posts)
  • tall cabinets (with a built-in appliances)
  • household appliances (ovens, microwaves, coffee makers, dishwashers, refrigerators)
  • kitchen islands
  • accessories (finishing elements, lighting)
This module also includes additional catalogue containing versions of the kitchen with the front:
  • classic (English)
  • with slat handle UKW7
  • framed
  • MDF with milled handle
  • sliding

2. CLOSETS AND WARDROBES Module (over 330 items)

  • doors for sliding closets (complete and combined in dozens of variants)
  • casing, connectors (casings of various types, storage spaces, etc.)
  • modules (finished structures with accessories)
  • fittings
  • wardrobes (models of wardrobes with sliding doors in various configurations)
  • equipment and accessories from GTV, NOMET and CRUISE companies (baskets, hangers, pantographs, etc.)
  • accessories

3. SYSTEM FURNITURE Module (box furniture)

  • casing, fronts, drawers, etc. (furniture equipment needed to develop living room space)
  • Extras
  • 3D fronts (fully editable kitchen fronts)
  • windows, doors, handles, fittings, etc.

Price-list of libraries:

1. The Library for PRO100 v4 and v5  - 500 PLN

2. The Library for PRO100 v6 - 600 PLN

The Library contains (all versions): 

  • Kitchen furniture
  • Wardrobes and closets furniture 
  • Bathroom furniture 
  • Office furniture
  • Living room furniture 
  • Creator of furniture
  • Creator of interior
  • Accessories

The price of Corwin Library includes delivery costs.
Also we send the libraries by the internet. 



Piotr Korczyński

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ul. Jana Pawła II 63

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Phone: 601 865 788

Website: www.corwinprojekt.eu